Access to Capital: Growing Your Business & Creating Community Vibrancy in the Verde Valley

Are you a small business owner in the Verde Valley seeking to expand and grow your business? Could you use additional equipment or employees; do you need to renovate your storefront; do you want to diversify your inventory and services? The Verde Valley Regional Economic Organization (VVREO) may be able to assist you reach your goals through their Revolving Loan Fund (RLF).

What is VVREO's Revolving Loan Fund?

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The RLF is a program of VVREO. VVREO cooperates with the Yavapai College SBDC, NACOG, Cottonwood Business Assistance Center (BAC), SCORE, NAU, and local lending institutions when providing services. Funds for the loan program are made through a loan and a grant from the USDA. The USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

The Revolving Loan Fund was founded to assist small and emerging businesses in Yavapai County, primarily within the Verde Valley, including the communities of Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Sedona and other unincorporated communities.

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How the Revolving Loan Fund Works

This RLF program aims to grow businesses, increase business retention, and expand job creation.  The RLF offers borrowers competetive interest rates, long-term fixed rate financing, and enhanced private lender risk - all of which are beneficial to small businesses looking to grow.

The VVREO Revolving Loan Program offers small business owners competitive-rate loans of $25,000 or more to finance working capital; inventory and equipment; business acquisitions; renovations or the lease; or purchase of real estate to site a business. A typical loan term is three years and this funding may be available even when conventional funding is not available or does not meet the full financial need of the client. 

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We are here to help businesses create and keep jobs in our area. The beauty of the Revolving Loan Program is that it gives each business owner the flexibility to invest in the resources that best address their individual needs. 
— Casey Rooney, Economic Development Director for the City of Cottonwood and VVREO Board Member

To date, seven businesses have received loans, leveraging additional private investment, and have created new jobs in the region. Recipients include an outdoor recreation business, a bed and breakfast, an autoglass company, and a wine tasting room.    

How to Apply

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The RLF committee and staff analyze and structure the most attractive financing proposal based upon: business needs, employment opportunities created, and the level of private sector participation. All loan funds are intended for small businesses that cannot fully access conventional lending sources.  Click here to review the full application. 

For information or to start your application, contact Mary Chicoine, VVREO Administrator and Revolving Loan Fund Director at [email protected] or 928-300-1640. The Economic Development Directors in each Verde Valley community can also assist you.

For information about other support programs available from the Verde Valley Regional Economic Organization visit

Additional Support Services Following Loan Approval

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Following any loan approval, VVREO staff and board members remain ongoing resources for loan recipients answering questions, locating additional resources, and providing careful attention to each businesses' specific needs, ensuring ultimate success. This continual support is unmatched by other loan opportunities and is one of many differentiating benefits to applying for this funding.


Information for this blog has been pulled from the VVREO website and the full Press Release provided by the VVREO Contact Administrator, Mary Chicoine.