Fuel Your Next Adventure in a Sustainable Way

Prometheus Solar's Plug & Play unit will keep you powered on the go!


Plug and Play Solar Kits produce clean energy for your home through the use of an outdoor outlet.  Resolve to lower your electricity bill this year. Prometheus Solar's Plug & Play systems are an affordable alternative to permanent solar installations, and can be taken on your next mobile adventure.


It really is that simple.

The Plug & Play solar units provide people with electrical power while they are mobile (on a boat, RV, Food Truck, tailgating, etc.) or if they are just living off the grid. Each unit can either stand alone or be connected to additional units to create a grid-tied system for more power.

Plug & Plays come fully assembled so all you have to do is plug them in to start producing power. One panel will produce an average of 1.2 kWh's a day, or 438 kWh's per year. This is enough energy to offset a large capacity refrigerator.

These units can be used for homes as well. When you plug them in, they will produce power that decreases the amount of power you need from utilities.

Interested in incorporating the Plug & Play in your home or on your next adventure? Contact Local First Arizona Member, Prometheus Solar out of Flagstaff, AZ for more information.