Overcoming Hardships: How a Female Run Local Business Has Created Success


Ronnie is the owner of Toys Ink, a comic and collectible toy store located in the Tucson Mall. She took over the business a few years ago and took the initiative to create a better space for her customers. After a robbery, Toys Ink was closed for many weeks, and during this time filled with lawsuits, court dates, and many other headaches, Ronnie decided to do some digging. How could she recreate and make this place better? After reading reviews saying prices were too high and that the customer service was less than pleasant, she decided upon reopening to change it all.

Now Ronnie hosts regular events at her store, ranging from school trips to the store to be an employee for the day to guest artist spots, and many more. She also regularly collaborates with other local comic stores in Tucson to put on an indoor street market, with people from Tucson cosplay groups and all sorts of fun and interactive activities. The back wall of her store is a dedicated space for local artists, at no charge as long as they post clear instructions on how potential buyers can contact them.

Ronnie is also creating a different atmosphere in her store than other stores of the same kind. She is a woman in a primarily male dominated field, and is also somewhat of a comic newbie. Having picked up an interest in the field a few years ago she told us she loves the stories of the people portrayed in the comics. The fact that they are everyday people, who come upon extraordinary situations is a big part of the draw for her. One thing she would really love to do in the future is to honor our everyday, and maybe unexpected heroes. People like plumbers, mechanics, custodians, even supportive siblings are everyday unsung heroes that deserve recognition. The trip to Toys Ink was definitely one that our southern Arizona team appreciated, and we can’t wait to go back.


Toys Ink is active on social media and regularly hosts fun events at their location. They are open 10am-8pm Monday - Thursday, 10-9pm Friday and Saturday, and 12-6 on Sundays in the Tucson Mall. Make sure to stop by and say hello to an awesome local business and follow Toys Ink on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to check out fun happenings and new in store arrivals!