Local business gives $400,000 to hundreds of AZ charities

Local First Arizona member, NexGen Partner Strategies, provides full-service business solutions for growing companies in Arizona. Through NPS Gives, the company’s give-back program, 20% of each client’s payment processing transaction is donated to a nonprofit of the merchant’s selection. Nonprofit clients use the program as a rebate incentive to earn 20% back to their organizations, and businesses donate to the causes dear to them. Since 2013, NPS Gives has donated over $400,000 to hundreds of organizations in Arizona, and has truly become a friendly partner to many business owners and neighborhoods. Under NexGen Partner Strategies, NPS Gives continues to carry out great work in the community. 

“Because of NPS Gives, we have been able to earn back $15,000 and help 15 more families in need after the loss of their loved one in the armed services. NPS has become more than friends to us - they’re FAMILY,” said Darin Fishburn, former CEO of Helping Hands for Freedom. 

“As a nonprofit, we are constantly looking for ways to cut costs – but sometimes it’s like trying to get blood from a turnip. There is nothing left to cut!,” said Kristen Merrifield, CEO of Alliance of AZ Nonprofits. “NPS Gives will not only donate 20% of revenue back to you, but they will also lower what you are currently paying in processing fees.”

While payment processing remains a core service of NexGen, owner Erik Verryden has been dreaming of expanding for a while. “When I entered the merchant services industry in college, I manifested the idea of offering full-service business solutions created by synergetic partnerships, all under one roof,” said Erik Verryden. “That dream is being realized, and best of all, we are highly integrated with the organizations that our clients deeply value. NexGen Partner Strategies could not ask for more, and we really feel that we will be able to better serve our clients this way.”

"NexGen Partner Strategies truly embodies everything that is a great business in the community,” said Thomas Barr, executive director of Local First Arizona. “Erik and his team are fantastic people who bring smart solutions to each business they work with and have a strong positive impact on the local economy. We have proudly worked with them for years and are grateful for all they bring to Arizona's local businesses."

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About NexGen Partner Strategies

NexGen Partner Strategies has developed meaningful relationships with local industry leaders and organizations invested in helping entrepreneurs. NexGen’s partnerships with local service providers allows it to offer convenient, end-to-end business solutions to Arizona companies which seek to operate smoothly. Services include payment processing, payroll and HR services, insurance, working capital and telemedicine, all under one roof! 

NexGen Partner Strategies is a new brand. From 2003 to 2018, NexGen was known as National Processing Solutions (NPS), which solely offered electronic payment processing solutions to growing businesses, and most importantly brought a positive culture to the payments industry by placing charitable organizations at its core through NPS Gives. 

Guest blog provided by: Taylor Cole, Be Sound Public Relations