How One Community Anchor Institution is Making it Easy to Spend Your Money Locally this Holiday Season


We all know what a struggle it can be to complete your holiday shopping. Not only do you want to keep the price low but you also don’t want to travel to a million and a half different shops because Uncle Tim likes books but Aunt Vanessa collects ornaments. Add on top of that trying to make sure your money recirculates in the community by shopping locally and you are now paralyzed with fear. However, what if I told you there was one local shop where you can get every item on your diverse list ARIZONA MADE? This miracle shopping destination is Sibley’s West.

Sibley’s is a locally owned gift shop set in the heart of Downtown Chandler since December of 2010. The owners, Michelle and John Wolfe, founded Sibley’s in an attempt to reflect the sense of pride they felt for Arizona. The Wolfes sought out to dedicate their space to all things AZ and really establish a sense of place among the community already living here and the visitors thinking about potentially calling Phoenix home. Not only do they carry the larger Arizona names like State Forty Eight, Armadilla Wax Works, and Cheri’s Desert Harvest, but also lesser known artists and artisans making high quality products here in the valley. When I asked John why they take so much pride in everything Arizona he said:


“We are proud to showcase the unique works of Arizona artists because there are so many creative individuals and businesses depicting the beauty of the Southwest.”

They carry everything candles, pottery, and art, to wind chimes, soap, and even hand painted Christmas tree ornaments! Chances are if it’s on your list, it’s in this shop. Sibley's is located at 72 S San Marcos Pl, Chandler, AZ 85225. While you're there, take a peek at several other Local First members located within walking distance; most of them have their own Buy Local Month specials going on! You can find all Buy Local Month offers from LFA members at this link. There you will also find information on what kind of impact you're having on your community when making these local choices. So remember, every dollar you spend matters. Spend your dollars responsibly this holiday season!