Dollars for Dreams - Small Business Loans

This is a guest blog written by Eric Marcus, Executive Director of Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI).

The American dream has long been an integral part of our national character; building yourself up from the dirt, pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, and making something out of nothing. However, in recent times, this dream isn’t so grand – nor as attainable as it used to be. The thought of climbing the socioeconomic ladder is daunting to many.

Leading the Charge

Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI) is leading a charge to change this with a number of its programs, but specifically through Dollars for Dreams. This program allows for small businesses to get the loans they need to succeed, as 45% of small businesses fail because they don’t receive the financing necessary to their business. 

Expanding Your Business

With loan amounts up to $5,000 and terms of up to 2 years, Dollars for Dreams assists small business owners with expanding their businesses, starting up a new product line, or providing initial capital to entrepreneurs.  And, there’s no collateral or credit history needed! All that is required is an application and a thoughtful business plan concerning how these funds will be used, and SEDI can provide supporting consultation, coaching and mentoring.  

Success with Dollars for Dreams

SEDI's Dollars for Dreams micro loans have funded a new eco-friendly janitorial product line at Quality Connections, Inc., a Flagstaff non-profit focused on training the disabled and helped Flagstaff Sports Exchange expand its electric bicycle business.

Dollars for Dreams and SEDI are about more than just economic advancement.  SEDI supports a clean environment and a fair workplace for all. It’s not just the American dream, but it's progression and improvement in society. Do you want to take a hold of your future? Visit this website for more information and a short, engaging video on how you can apply.

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This article was written by Eric Marcus, Executive Director of Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI). You can reach Eric at: [email protected]