New Self-Storage Facility in Downtown Phoenix Caters to Local Community

We have all come to a realization in our lives that maybe we have one to may "things". Whether that realization hit after coming home with a brand new kayak in the small studio apartment you live in, or perhaps it was riffling through the cupboards looking for that one Tupperware lid among the thousands of containers. Regardless, at some point we need more space.

Emerge Garfield Storage, a newly build facility at 16th Street & Portland officially opened its doors for business last month. The facility is owned by Hibernia Capital Advisers and operated by Cox Armored Mini Storage. Mark McLoone who leads the Hibernia team, is not new to this business as he has owned and developed storage throughout southern California and the Valley. McLoone's connection to the city that he grew up in provides that Garfield Storage wants to establish roots in the revitalization of downtown Phoenix.

We are very bullish on downtown. Having grown up in Phoenix, we hear about downtown revitalization most every real estate cycle, but with ASU’s commitment coupled with an emergent and vibrant creative class that vision has become a reality.
— Mark McLoone

Garfield Storage hosted an Open House and official launch with refreshments provided by Local First Arizona member Welcome Chicken + Donuts as well as Songbird Coffee & Teahouse.  Numerous guests attended such as Sharon Smith-Dean of Downtown ASU Students, Councilwoman Kate Gallego and Director of Operations Thomas Barr were excited to see Garfield open it's doors.

In addition to Garfield Storage's opening, the company has elected to become a sustaining member cementing their foundation to Arizona's local economy. Here at Local First we are extremely proud of this partnership and are eager to watch the progress of Garfield as it emerges itself in downtown Phoenix. Expect to hear great things about this company!