Join the Volunteer Green Team


Arizona may not have the “green” street cred that states like Colorado or California have, but we have seen firsthand that there are plenty of Arizonans who care about the impact they have on the planet and are seeking ways to lead a more environmentally aware lifestyle.  We've also see plenty of locally owned businesses that are implementing sustainability practices into their daily operations and looking to grow them but need some assistance.  In an effort to grow the culture of sustainability in the state, we have launched the Volunteer Green Team which connects citizens to these businesses to grow the community’s support of them while providing fun educational  opportunities along the way. Each month we’ll be organizing activities for the Green Team to participate in.

1)      Educational opportunities:  Join us to learn more about sustainability in our desert state with tours, talks and fun experiences.  These opportunities are geared to educate you on everything from where your recycling goes and where your water comes from to how local organizations practice sustainability.

2)      Volunteer opportunities:  Be part of the solution by helping local businesses, events and organizations with sustainability improvements on their “to-do” list.  Projects will include waste mitigation, community cleanups, plantings, training and more.

3)      Cash mobs: The best way to support businesses making improvements is to purchase their goods and services. Sustainability improvements can come at a cost to business owners, so every month we recognize a business that is working hard on lessening their environmental impact and encourage citizens to support them.

There is no time or participation requirement to be a part of the Green Team.  If you are interested, simply fill out the Volunteer Form and attend an upcoming orientation.  You can also follow along with Green Team activities by signing up for the AZ Green Insider email newsletter which goes out once a month.  Come be part of growing a green local economy!