Put Your Hands Together For Downtown Mesa's Latest Addition

from nctphoenix.com

from nctphoenix.com

The National Comedy Theatre is making a move—straight into the heart of Downtown Mesa.

That's right. The Valley's latest hub of entertainment venues is gaining an established addition this Fall. Having been located in Mesa's Fiesta District for the past 10 years, NCT was itching to become part of an even more collaborative and interconnected community. The new location of 214 W. Main St, NCT will be right alongside the light rail and easily accessible to restaurants, breweries, and other venues in Downtown Mesa.

When asked what is most appealing about this new location, NCT owners Krissy and Dorian said "the support for arts and entertainment in Downtown Mesa is really encouraging and we already feel incredibly welcomed." The idea of collaboration, community and relationship building is central to the ideas that improv is based on. "At NCT we believe, and we try to teach through our improv, that ideas are always better when your community adds to and improves upon those ideas."

By moving right into the heart of Downtown, NCT will have the opportunity to thrive among the strong presence of a lively community.

The location isn't the only thing NCT is upgrading. 

NCT currently offers an array of fantastic entertainment, including interactive improv comedy shows, private and corporate events, and improv classes. However, a new location calls for a new entertainment component; NCT is introducing a new improv workshop program designed to offer more diverse time slots to accommodate busy schedules. Krissy elaborates, "While our focus will always be on our Friday and Saturday night Improv Comedy Shows, we will also be looking at opening our space for even more entertainment ranging from more exciting Improv Comedy to stand up, possibly movie screenings, maybe even art workshops, and more. The possibilities are endless and we can't wait to explore them all."    

We are very excited to be a part of the Downtown Mesa community.
— Krissy, Director at NCT

The Downtown Mesa community is equally excited to welcome NCT.

NCT owners Dorion and Krissy are working with Starmar Investments landowners Brian and Mike who have nothing but NCT's success in mind. "Local tenants are a true reflection of who we are as a community," Brian and Mike share. "NCT inspires us to interact more with one another since they are already a part of the local fabric." 

The addition of NCT will only make Downtown Mesa even more lively and entertainment based than it already is. "Having the NCT choose the heart of Mesa as its new home is yet another positive contribution to the City's Downtown vibe. Entertainment venues encourage people to engage with one another in real, physical, and social environments. And, of course, they can make us smile," Brian says.

from mesamusicfest.com

from mesamusicfest.com

Brokers on the move, Michelle Gatti and Courtney Auther Van Loo with Phoenix Commercial Advisors, agree that this new location will be beneficial, especially toward growing the Downtown area overall. "We feel NCT will attract additional entertainment venues and restaurants to Downtown Mesa, bringing energy to the area," they say.

Michelle and Courtney weigh in on the communal approach to entertainment venues by commenting, "in having NCT closer to the cultural and entertainment epicenter of the city, they are adding a night-life draw that will compliment the other local businesses in the area."

NCT is a great play for downtown Mesa.
— Michelle Gatti and Courtney Auther Van Loo
from nctphoenix.com

from nctphoenix.com

One thing that is for sure is that improv certainly isn't easy. These NCT performers deserve a standing ovation, and so does their relocation.