Don't Pass Up tasty Ice Cream, Leafy Salads, And Delicious Cheese At The New Milk N More Facility.

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The Milk N More Store is celebrating the completion of its 1,000-square-foot addition, with a Grand Opening party, on August 25, hoping to attract community members, families, and fellow local businesses. They are located on the campus of United Dairymen of Arizona (UDA), a dairy cooperative owned by local dairy families, the store has been in business since 2003.    

The Milk N More Store is more than your average convenience store and is proud to support the local community and the Arizona Dairy Industry. Outside of carrying local dairy products like gallon milk made by UDA members, you can find Shamrock Farms, Greek Cream Cheese made in Casa Grande, Greek Yogurt made in Casa Grande, and the full line of Arizona Farms Cheese made on property in Tempe. With this expansion the store is now able to offer fresh made sandwiches, smoothies, ice cream, cold brew, and a salad bar (available on Monday’s and Wednesdays). New to the lineup are Hickman’s eggs and Rovey Dairy Sheep Cheese.

Since 2009, the United Dairymen of Arizona has been producing top quality Arizona Farms Cheese from its fresh supply of milk. After entrusting Wisconsin-trained cheesemakers to perfect this time-honored craft in Tempe, the Arizona Cheese Company now proudly produces fresh, squeaky Cheese Curds, delicious Cheddars, Jacks, and other cheeses every week for a growing clientele of Arizona cheese lovers. The family farmers that produce the milk that goes into making their cheeses have a passion and dedication to making sure that only fresh wholesome milk leaves their farms and makes it to your table.

If you are in the neighborhood on Thursday afternoons after 1 pm, it is the best time to stop and pick up a fresh bag of cheese curds. Their cheese making team, makes cheese in small batches with fresh milk, utilizing the highest possible standards of quality and safety.

Don't miss that chance to taste this delicious cheese at their Grand Opening celebration. More event details here!

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Danielle McGinn, MBA
Director of Business Development, Arizona Milk Producers