Meet the Women Building our State

In the development industry,

roughly 13% of the workforce is female. Women in male dominated industries such as this face higher rates of workplace challenges such as stereotyping and fewer opportunities for mentorship, and often leave those jobs earlier than they otherwise would in more equitable fields. While 13% is the national average, Arizona is no exception. A conscious effort is needed to support more women in the industry. Local First Arizona’s For(u)m is proud to work with some of the women who are already making huge waves in the built environment.

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Women are busy, but wanting to connect and contribute to a conversation about the industry today. I’m impressed how each woman I’ve talked to has referred me to another woman in the industry they want me to be aware of. The inclusion factor is awesome.
— Ashley Harder, Harder Development
It’s such an important time for women who represent a spectrum of expertise to lock arms and engage in place making and place keeping. We have so many opportunities to grow and improve the city, but we also have an incredible responsibility to respect its roots. That outcome is always best when we work together and prioritize intersectionality.
— Dorina Bustamante, True North Studio
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Kristina Floor, founder and principal of Floor Associates, has been providing quality design services since 1997. Working on projects from highly technical mixed-use commercial developments and resorts, to master planned communities, community parks, interpretive places and healing garden designs. Floor Associates is dedicated to creating sustainable projects that respect our sensitive desert environment, while collaborating with our clients to reinvent the places we live, work and play.

Diane Reicher Jacobs is the founding principal of Holly Street Studio Architects. Since 2005, Holly Street has completed nearly 100 projects in the public realm - Community Centers, Higher Ed Facilities, Parks and Recreation Buildings and Urban Masterplans. The work is consistently recognized for design excellence coming from program driven ideas that are grounded in context and inspired by civic discourse. While leading the firm, Diane has remained a steadfast advocate for Women's Leadership as the Chair of the 3rd Biennial National Women's Leadership Summit in Phoenix 2013, President of AIA Arizona in 2014 and Founder of the AZ Women's Leadership Group which is now an active and thriving force in the AZ AIA. 


After working 20 years for several glass companies, Lori Rusk and her husband Dennis purchased ABC Glass Co. in Phoenix, fulfilling their dream to become independent business owners. Since then, ABC Glass has become a leader in residential and commercial glass installation and repairs. The two make a tremendous effort to build community throughout the state and support young professionals in trade industries.