Keepin' it Local on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday - the magical shopping holiday characterized by online discounts and promotions - is almost upon us!

Have you plotted out your virtual shopping spree?

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

But before you head over to Amazon… we have some tea to spill.

Roughly half of all online shopping searches start on Amazon. Which makes sense considering their convenient interface, one-click ordering, and two-day shipping. But turns out there’s a huge consequence to the convenience, and it’s time we pay attention.

Amazon is using its market power to eliminate competition and take control of one industry after another, leaving us with an economy that is less diverse and innovative, and which affords fewer opportunities for businesses to start and grow.
— Institute of Local Self Reliance

Needless to say our independent folks need our support more than ever. And before you argue that independent retailers have an equal opportunity to sell their products on Amazon, check out what Harvard has to say:

Harvard Business School researchers found that when third-party sellers post new products, Amazon tracks the transactions and then starts selling many of their most popular items itself. And when it’s not using the information that it gleans from sellers to compete against them, Amazon uses it to extract an ever larger cut of their revenue.
— Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Ok ok ok, you get it. Back to shopping!

Stay Local With Your Search:

Last year, the Monday following Thanksgiving was the biggest shopping day of the year, with online shoppers spending an estimated $6.6 billion! Imagine if we could direct even a fraction of those purchases towards independent online retailers? Think economic impact. Think sustainability. Think unique gifts. (*Jonathan Van Ness voice*).

Photo by  Brooke Cagle  on  Unsplash

There are plenty of independent, online options out there to fulfill your holiday shopping needs. What better place to start than this list of Local First Arizona members?

Here’s a preview of some of the state-wide gems
you can support from the comfort of your couch:

High Desert Man ( Young )

High Desert Man (Young)

Armadilla Wax Works ( Prescott Valley )

Armadilla Wax Works (Prescott Valley)

Baldur Studios ( Prescott )

Baldur Studios (Prescott)

Spirited Artisan Chocolates ( Bisbee )

Spirited Artisan Chocolates (Bisbee)

Untamed Confections ( Tubac )

Untamed Confections (Tubac)

World of Rugs ( Multiple Locations )

World of Rugs (Multiple Locations)

Roadrunner Office Supply ( Tucson )

Roadrunner Office Supply (Tucson)

Queen Creek Olive Mill ( Queen Creek )

Queen Creek Olive Mill (Queen Creek)

Happy Shopping!