Collaboration Helps Local Business Owners Grow Sustainably


Thanks to local collaboration, sustainability planning is becoming easier to accomplish. Local First Arizona member Kerie Seamans, of Bostonia Business Solutions, has provided a major contribution to the new SCALE UP Program. Seamans developed an exclusive financial analysis tool for all of the participating businesses to calculate their return on investment for potential sustainability upgrade projects for their facilities. Local First Arizona is proud to collaborate with Bostonia Business Solutions on this program.

SCALE UP is a new program under Local First Arizona Foundation in partnership with the Tucson 2030 District, Community Investment Corporation, and Physicians for Social Responsibility that provides an exclusive opportunity for local businesses and community organizations to lower their utility costs. These businesses and nonprofits are actively developing sustainability plans focused on efficiency and conservation techniques. A companion program workbook provides discussion exercises and worksheets that form the sustainability plan for each participant to achieve at least a 10% reduction in energy use in their facilities, as well as access to an exclusive Loan and Incentive Package created for program participants. The SCALE UP program is funded through the Arizona Department of Administration State Office of Grants and Federal Resources.

Seamans is a business and finance professional with fourteen years of progressive experience across several industries. She has a strong record of achievement in senior finance roles for both Corporate and non-profit global market leaders. Seamans’ career began as a graduate of Raytheon’s Financial Leadership Development Program, where she gained a solid depth and breadth of finance and leadership experience. As her career evolved, she sharpened her expertise in Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis, while continuing to hone skills in Accounting, Process Improvement, Internal Controls, M&A, Business Management, and more.

With experience in aerospace/defense, high tech, manufacturing, information management, and higher education industries, Seamans brings a diverse skill set to the table. Her roles have involved developing multi-billion dollar budgets and complex financial models, delivering timely and accurate reporting to senior leadership, and performing financial analysis of all types. Seamans now focuses on helping small businesses develop budgets and financial projections and analyze their business performance so that they can improve their bottom lines.

Seamans has a keen analytical ability and sharp problem-solving skills. Her strong communication and people skills make her a highly sought after business partner and team member. She enjoys working on diverse projects and collaborating with unique teams across industries. Her professional and educational background make her an ideal business partner. For more detail, visit Seamans’ LinkedIn profile.

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