How to Drive More Traffic (and Revenue) to Your Website Episode 1

Guest writer and Local First Arizona member from Tucson, Allan Pressel with Powersite123, gives us some insight into how to generate more clicks, therefore more dollars, in an effective and efficient way for local business owners. Here’s what he had to say in episode 1 of 4:


Your organization might have an excellent website, but it still might not help you!

If no one visits your site, that site won’t benefit you.  So, many organizations are now focusing on driving more traffic to their sites.  Since many and perhaps most visitors to organizations’ websites find those sites through search engines, organizations are now using the growing areas of Search Engine Optimization (free) and Google AdWords (paid) to attract more and better website visitors.  Also, if a potential client, partner, or other constituent can’t find your site easily, they may buy, partner, or do business with another organization that they can find easily online – or simply do nothing.

Luckily, there are many techniques you can use – both with SEO and Google AdWords – to drive more traffic to your site.

So, how do search engines work?

The search engines send out software processes called bots, spiders, or crawlers to crawl around the web looking for new or changed websites.  When they find them, they are trained to sniff out various pieces of information about your site and report them back to the search engines. That information is fed into an algorithm used to create the search engine standings or rankings – that in turn enables search engine visitors to find your site.  If you know what those crawlers are looking for, you can maximize the likelihood they’ll find it, so your site can appear as high as possible in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If your site is not in the top few listings, it hardly matters whether you are number 20 or number 2,000,000. Most people don’t look past the top few listings.

What are the search engines looking for?

Google alone has over 200 factors that they use to determine your search engine standing!  Few people outside of the CEO of Google himself actually know exactly what factors are examined, their relative priorities, and precisely how they are used in the search engine algorithms.  However, here are several factors that are likely to help you achieve a higher ranking in the search engine standings. These techniques are in no particular order (although the first is among the most important):

Have lots of other sites linking to yours.

 Here’s how you can easily determine how many and which sites are linking to yours. Go to and in the search box, type “” and hit enter.  You’ll see which sites link to yours (called back links), and you can click through to each to determine exactly where those sites link to yours.  Obviously you want the number of sites linking to yours to be as high as possible, and the quality of those sites to also be as high as possible. Therefore, you should think about which other organizations – relevant, reputable ones – might consent to providing a link from their site to yours.  Ask these organizations to provide links to your site. You can make it more attractive to them by offering a reciprocal link, but remember that a one-way link into your site is more valuable than a reciprocal link in determining your search engine ranking.

You can contact Allan at 310-363-0095 or [email protected] for more questions about Powersite123, and we look forward to sharing the next three parts of this series with our members!

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