5 Ways to Go Local for Halloween

Halloween is a special time of year in Arizona when the weather has finally cooled off and we gather with friends in ridiculous costumes and eat way to many sweet things. No matter how you plan to celebrate this year, remember to shift your Halloween spending to local businesses!


Shifting just 10% of your regular Halloween spending to a local business means a big impact for your local community. For example, when you support your local costume retailer, you're supporting a business that is rooted in the community, not one that pops up for 30 days just to siphon money out of Arizona. Plus, up to four times more money will stay in the local economy when you choose local, meaning greater local job growth and prosperous communities.

Look for ways to go local for Halloween? Here are our top 5: 

1. Buy your costume from a local costume or vintage shop

Don't be the person that shows up with the same mass-produced costume as someone else, visit a local costume shop to really stand out. Or stop by a vintage store for some especially unique costume ideas. Making your own costume? Be sure to hit up your local arts & crafts store.

2. Get your treats locally

Image via Smitholator Cookie Shop, Mesa

Image via Smitholator Cookie Shop, Mesa

Have the best treats on the block to avoid all the tricks! Visit a local candy shop or grocery store to stock up.

3. Enjoy local festivities and entertainment

Halloween is a great time in Arizona, as the weather is perfect and there are events galore. Click here for our Local Arizona Halloween Events Calendar for 2016!

4. Go local with your own Halloween party

Throwing your own Halloween bash? Here's your "Go-ulish Local Halloween Party" checklist:

5. Pick up a locally-grown pumpkin for carving 

LFA Halloween Pumpkin square.png

Have the freshest jack-o-lantern on your street by picking up an Arizona-grown pumpkin!

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