This Arizona Mining Town is One of Arizona's Best Hidden Gems

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Although Globe/Miami is only 90 miles East of Phoenix and about 100 miles North of Tucson, Globe/Miami is a great escape to slow down and enjoy a bit of Arizona’s history and beauty.

Never been? Here are six things to know about Globe/Miami:

1. You Will Walk on the Same Ground as Many Famous Arizonans

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Most famous is Arizona’s first female governor, Rose Mofford who grew up in Globe and served as the first female student body president at Globe High School. Other famous Arizonans that have called Globe/Miami home include George W P Hunt, Arizona’s first governor, Gerald Gault, the center of a 1967 Supreme court case which set a precedent for juvenile justice, Big Nose Kate, a known companion of Doc Holliday and many others who played a role in Arizona’s history. The Cobre Valley Center for the Arts has specific rooms/displays to honor the governors that have come from Globe!

2. You Don’t Need to Wear a Hardhat in Globe/Miami, but Many Locals Do For Work Everyday


While mining is sometimes thought of as a trade from the past, mining is still active and a large employer in the Copper Corridor. There is one active mine in Miami and a few others in the surrounding area. Located in Globe is the Old Dominion Historic Mine Park which was once reminiscences of the Old Dominion Mine, closed in 1931, but now serves as a space to learn about Globe’s mining history in the place it happened while getting a bit of exercise.

3. Eating at Restaurants in Globe/Miami Might Feel a Bit Sentimental

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Say no to fast food when in Globe/Miami. Whether you are looking for a bean burro, pizza, a variety of pastries or even a boba tea; Globe/Miami will not disappoint. Many of the restaurants in Globe/Miami use recipes that have been passed through families for generations so you will get a bit of history with every bite! 

4. Globe/Miami is Not a “Pass Through” Town

Entertainment at the September 2017 Alive After Five, Chamber Mixer

Entertainment at the September 2017 Alive After Five, Chamber Mixer

Taking 60 East out of Phoenix will lead you “through” Globe/Miami but there is always a reason to stop and see what’s going on or even stay a while. With community events nearly every week, 2 parks with trails that would entice any hiker, vintage boutiques, antique stores galore, numerous museums, charming bed and breakfasts and historic downtowns; there is always something new and exciting to discover. Go to Globe/Miami, not through Globe/Miami.

As a new resident, I was easily able to find a sense of community through local events and celebrations. Globe/Miami is a truly special place.
— Shelbi Lindesmith, Globe Resident/Local First Arizona Foundation Outreach Coordinator

5. Befriending a Ghost is Possible in Globe/Miami

Photo From 1910 Gila County, AZ Sheriff's Office and Jail Facebook

Photo From 1910 Gila County, AZ Sheriff's Office and Jail Facebook

With a unique history, many who were a part of it never wanted to leave. Reports of “visitors” come from many folks who occupy long-standing buildings. In Globe, paranormal tours are given through the Historic 1910 Jail every other Saturday. Don’t worry though, these accounts tend to be friendly!

6. You Can Spend a Weekend in Globe/Miami this February with Local First Arizona Foundation’s WeekendZona

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Now that you know all about Globe/Miami it’s time to visit Globe/Miami! And we have just the right all-inclusive trip for you to join us on for WeekendZona.

This trip includes a two-night stay at one of three of the area’s cozy bed and breakfasts; each with a unique history, entrance and tours at all of the area’s museums, two lunches and two dinners prepared by local chefs and shopping on both Broad Street and Sullivan Street while enjoying discounts at many of the local merchants. If you enjoy searching for rare antiques or stepping into historic buildings or even just eating great food, this is the perfect trip for you! For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

Exploring Arizona's smaller towns is a fun and simple way to support the rural communities around the state. Your tourism spending further sustains and grows opportunity for better education, food security, jobs, and quality of life for these communities.