Get Psyched About Local Music


For the third year in a row, Downtown Radio Tucson is partnering with talented local psychedelic bands to present Psychout! at The Loft Cinema on April 19th. The four-hour music festival, which features live performances by The Myrrors, Cobra Family Picnic, The Psychedelephants, and Silver Cloud Express against a backdrop of custom psychedelic imagery created by Adam Martinez-Kee, is truly an audio-visual experience. “Psychout! is a psychedelic experience without the drugs,” says Jason LeValley, Program Director at Downtown Radio Tucson.

Although Psychout! has delivered an outright psychedelic experience to the Tucson community twice before, this is the first time that the festival will be held at The Loft Cinema. The Loft Cinema, a partner of both Downtown Radio Tucson and Local First Arizona, will host Psychout! as part of their partnership with the non-profit radio station. LeValley believes that hosting the festival at the centrally located and well-known establishment will give Downtown Radio Tucson exposure on a city-wide basis. Psychout!’s new location at The Loft Cinema also allows LeValley autonomy to create an authentic psychedelic experience for the community. “It’s nice not to have an obligation [to a certain business] and to do what I feel inspired to do,” he says.

Cobra Family Picnic at Psychout!.jpg

Aside from raising funds for Downtown Radio Tucson, an independent non-profit radio station that plays local music and raises awareness about mental health issues, Psychout! will give more exposure to a variety of talented local bands and artists. The Myrrors, who have toured Europe and played at popular music festivals like Austin’s Levitation, “have more listeners in Europe than they do in their own state,” says LeValley. The long-time Tucsonan adds that “Tucson has a great music scene for a city its size … unlike other cities, it’s condensed to the downtown area.”

Tucson’s music scene is alive and well––LeValley’s goal is to create a stronger local fan base that supports musicians by buying tickets to shows, collecting CDs and LPs, and listening to local-centric radio stations like Downtown Tucson Radio. Attending Psychout! is a great way to support local music and gain exposure to more than a few talented local musicians. “Bands are just happy to be a part of [Psychout!] and see that somebody is doing something to create a psych scene here,” Levalley says.

You can help strengthen Tucson’s local music scene by coming out to The Loft Cinema on April 19th to experience the third annual Psychout! music festival. Tickets to the event are $10 and can be purchased on The Loft Cinema’s website.

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