Gas and Liquor for Half the Price?

Bisbee Mythbusters are back to show you how to save money on gas and spirits by shopping like a localist. This month we are looking at the cost of gas and spirits at a local store vs. a chain store.

But first, let’s look at why it’s important to shop local…

Why should we shop local: when you spend locally your money circulates in your community nearly 4 times more than when spent with a chain retailer. 

Myth:  Prices are lower at chain retailers and in other communities. 

Many view "lower prices" that chain stores promote at face value, but let's look a little deeper.

Chain stores often receive subsidies that exclude them from paying sales tax for a number of years. Thus, the money we spend at these locations is funneled directly out of our communities instead of funding important infrastructure such as our public libraries, police and fire departments, road maintenance, etc. Let's also consider the types of jobs chain stores offer: majority are part-time options without benefits. We like to refer to the lack of sales tax and healthcare benefits as "deferred billing" - if its not being provided by the company, we are personally absorbing the cost through our taxes.  

Another factor is too many of us are willing to make the longer drive for "lower prices" rather than support the local, independent options found in our own communities. But when we consider the cost of gas, travel time, and vehicle wear that comes from these frequent trips (combined with all the points listed above) you'll find that the local options are actually MORE affordable. 

Myth-BUSTED: More often than not, spending money at local businesses in your own community is less expensive than spending money with chain retailers.


On every item; gas, beer, wine, liquor, local brand or not, Bisbee Beverage Liquor and Sky Island Fuel is consistently lower than it’s chain competitor Circle K. So next time you’re looking for spirits or a gas fill, head out to your local store in San Jose to save yourself some money and support your community.