Your Not-So-Average Day in the Arts and Culture District of Bisbee

Photo courtesy of flyboydrones

Photo courtesy of flyboydrones

Why do we go on vacation? To get away from our daily lives? To experience something new? If this is the case, why do we constantly return to the tourist locations we have heard of or experienced before? In order to truly escape the mundane schedule of everyday life; one should experience something new, strange, and spectacular. This exact reason is why so many people find themselves in Bisbee, Arizona, and why so many more choose to stay.

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The town of Bisbee is known as a progressive and free-spirited town. The arts and culture in the area are what make Bisbee such an amazing place to be. There are murals on different corners, colorful houses, and a collective of local artists within the town. In order to further promote this innovative spirit of Bisbee, the town has been registered as an Arts and Cultural District. This classification not only enhances the appreciation for the arts in the area, but it also accepts the art, culture, and heritage as vital to the town’s character.

One of the best parts of Bisbee is its creativity and art influence, but it is also home to unique shops and restaurants with a local flare.

When you start your trip in Bisbee, expect to be able to get everywhere you need to by foot. While walking around you will encounter many different expressions of art. Walk down Tombstone Canyon and you will come upon the Peace Wall. This exceptional mural encapsulates everything Bisbee from when a local painter named Rose Johnson was commissioned by the City of Bisbee to create a mural that represented world peace.

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Keep walking down the street to Brewery Gulch and you will find a graffiti wall that is forever changing. You never know what new piece of art you will come across in this area. While in Brewery Gulch, walk over to the Brewery to see a representation of past residents that worked in the Saloons, try and catch it when it is raining to watch the art come to life. 

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One of the best parts of Bisbee is its creativity and art influence, but it is also home to unique shops and restaurants with a local flare. Walking down Main Street you will uncover Black Sheep Imports and Redbone Vintage. The first shop, Black Sheep Imports, lives by its name. It is a counter-culture shop that welcomes all and encourages you to be the odd one out. With its mildly inappropriate, highly expressive, possibly offensive products you will be sure to find something to represent your Bisbee trip.

Another favorite is Redbone Vintage where you never know what you will find in their constant flow of inventory. If you are ever looking for a shirt where Frieda Kahlo is blowing a bubble of gum, this is the place!

After visiting the shops, you can make your way to two of the unique local favorite eats at either Thuys or Poco. Thuys is a Vietnamese restaurant where you can get authentic, from-scratch pho and curry in a small, colorful restaurant that offers vegan options. Another distinctive restaurant is Poco Mexican restaurant. This restaurant specializes in making some of the best Mexican dishes completely vegan. Stop in on the weekend to sit in this patio style restaurant and grab some of the local Arizona beers.


While in the Arts and Cultural District you can follow your ears to music at numerous different locations almost any night. The Grand Saloon, Copper Queen Saloon, and St. Elmo’s Bar all feature local bands every weekend and promise to host a great show. In a town full of artists and musicians, you never know what type of creative style you will stumble upon while exploring the town.

We in Bisbee believe you should feel free to be yourself, and always be inspired to do so. Creativity and freedom is a part of the town and the most wonderful experience of Bisbee. Come experience a small town that welcomes all individuals to let go and be themselves without any judgement.