Crown Chimp: Merging the Art and Science of Quality Film Production


If there's anyone who is fluent in the nuance of film, it's the team of creatives at Crown Chimp, a local film production company based in the Old Pueblo that develops beautifully inspired films. Merging the art of storytelling with the science of film production, Crown Chimp takes the viewer on a personal journey, placing humanism and social issues at the forefront of their narratives. Led by a trio of accomplished writers, directors, and artists, Crown Chimp has worked internationally with a spectrum of subjects who inspire their storytelling, which, many times, functions as a modern-day commentary and a catalyst for social change. From idea cultivation, to production, to crafting the final product, the process of filmmaking is executed in the same impactful way as the storyline. Whether they are creating an original film, or shaping a narrative to support a local business in the community, their messaging is always guided by the human element. As a result, their work possesses a profound relatability and is delivered with a refreshing genuineness and unparalleled quality.


What makes local filmmaking so special is the ability to construct a narrative from one's personal sense of place, roots, and original context. Each decision is intentional, imaginative, and raw. Each theme emphasizes community - that there are more things in this world that unite us as humans, than divide us: our ability to connect, learn, change, thrive, live and die. Crown Chimp helps local organizations and businesses understand their image and customizes a signature message that resonates with their customers. For example, their recent work for Tucson Electric Power (TEP) allowed Pima County residents to learn more about the local impact of the company and the philosophy guiding their investment in the local community. Once again, their hallmark of showing the human side of a local entity builds trust, fosters relationships, and creates a culture of accountability, which are all strengths of successful local businesses.

Quality local video services are a worthwhile investment for local businesses to tell their story and reach a larger audience. As aforementioned, there is a talented local team behind the scenes. Frank Armendarez is a writer, director, and editor with the production company, and frequently collaborates with organizations in Tucson that actively promote the building of its local economy.  Nickolas Duarte, a commercial director, runs the production company, has earned over 70 industry awards including a National Addy, an Emmy, 6 National Tellys, and 3 National Communicator awards, and has produced work for clients such as Warner Bros. He was inducted into the AAFT Advertising Hall of Fame as the 2017 Next Generation Award winner. Frank and Nickolas are currently co-writing and directing a crime drama for Warner Bros. Sonia Campbell is a writer, producer, art director, and make up artist, with years of experience in marketing, promotions, and independent film. Now she is writing within the company, handling social media and marketing, and moderating Crown Chimp podcasts.

Crown Chimps’ sleek new website can be accessed here, and you can find them on various social media handles.  With quality as their hallmark, as well as an awareness of how human stories create a sense of place and emotional resonance, it's evident that Crown Chimp is king.

Alex CataudellaComment