Creating a Better World, One Local Business at a Time

Blog post written by Jennifer Otero, Local Business Membership Intern

Arizona’s small businesses have always been champions for their local neighborhoods and the greater good. A study conducted by Martin and Patel for Maine Center for Economic Policy concluded that if residents of the region were to shift 10% of their spending for chains to locally owned business, it would generate $127 million in additional local economic activity and 874 new jobs.

Small businesses like Drop the Label and Conscious Capitalism are making good business choices that impact the local community in a positive way that is just as significant or even more as big retail chains.


Drop the Label (DTL) was created by Angela Gomez and her mom, Leslie Gomez to encourage people to show compassion, for others, and to remind people that they are so much more than just a body.

Their brand decided to replace traditional clothing sizes with positive affirmations, such as "I am Resilient", "I am Compassionate". They want to take the focus off the physical appearance and remind people that their worth is not found in their size - despite what society says.

As of now, they sell adult shirts, totes, stickers, and enamel pins. They also give a part of the proceeds from the purchase of DTL items to organizations that are fighting fatphobia and eating disorders especially in marginalized communities.


Conscious Capitalism Arizona (CCAZ) is a movement that educates leaders, companies, universities, government to achieve conscious capitalism as a force for good in business. Scott McIntosh, Founder and Chapter leader of CCAZ, advocates for a good capitalism society where businesses achieve long-term sustainable growth.

They want to make a positive impact in society where businesses are good, ethical, heroic, and noble. CCAZ helps businesses be accountable for their actions and helps employ conscious leaders so the purpose and vision for all their stakeholders is met.

Conscious Capitalism has an education initiative to change the way thousands of students think with educational programs. They develop these programs in K-12 schools and Universities nationally and globally and they have created a library of stories and case studies of businesses that work to create a powerful source of good.

If you’re interested in learning more about how businesses can act as a force for good in our communities, join us at the inaugural Good Business Summit on January 30, 2019 in Phoenix. This unique event will feature national and local leading experts presenting effective strategies to build profit and community.