Buying This Furniture Locally is Just as Convenient as the National Chains

Buying local doesn’t mean you have to pay more. You would be surprised at the deals you can get from local companies if you just give them a chance.
— Alejandro Macias, Vice President of Del Sol Furniture.

Many people think buying local means just buying groceries, or going to a local restaurant. Although, when it comes to larger items, like furniture, you might give up on your local crusade for a bit. How could a local store compete with Costco, Lowe’s, or any big online home shopping website?

Well, if you do happen to be in the market for a dining room set or just a dining room table, you don’t have to ship one from across the country or even the world. You don’t have to go to Lowe’s either.

Take the Scott Living furniture line, which is offered at a variety of furniture retailers both here in Arizona and online. Let’s just take a look at a dining table: The “Live Edge Dining Table,” when bought online from the online furniture giant, Wayfair, costs $739.99. The same table is offered by Lowes at $684.00. When shopping locally from Del Sol Furniture, this item matches Lowe’s price of $684.00.

With Del Sol Furniture matching Lowe’s pricing on this piece of furniture, you might be asking yourself: Why you should spend your money with Del Sol Furniture over Lowe’s? It’s because when you spend your money with a locally owned business like Del Sol Furniture over a national chain like Lowe’s, more of the dollars you spend circulate in the local economy because the business is owned by people who live here in your community.

Del Sol Furniture also matches the convenience you get with large online retailers or national chains. With Del Sol Furniture’s online store and multiple locations in the Valley, there is no need to drive across the state, or even leave your home.

The idea that local means higher prices, or inconvenient locations is a myth. Stay local, save money, and keep your money in your neighborhood.

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