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We jumped, we pretended to pet cats, and we got down to business. This was at an annual retreat to strategically plan for 2019. You probably have questions, like what the heck was the Tucson Local First Arizona team doing, and where? We were at Unscrewed Theater, with Executive Director Chris Seidman letting loose so we could plan the most effective way to serve Tucson in 2019.

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Unscrewed has been a force in Tucson for about 16 years, starting as a nomadic group called Not Burnt Out, Just Unscrewed. They performed in coffee shops, Bookman’s, bars, and at events throughout Tucson, while also teaching community classes to help others learn what improv is all about. After gaining their designation as a nonprofit and spending years collecting donations, they opened up shop across the street from the Loft cinema, able to extend a once 15 month lease there to four and half years. In September of 2018, they were finally able to open up a more permanent shop in a newer building with a front facing window and more space, meaning more room for entertainment.

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How do you get involved? They host shows every Friday and Saturday night for all ages, with 4 different groups performing. They also go to community events and perform to benefit other local nonprofits, while using their space to host events, like staff retreats, birthdays, weddings, etc. Not only do they host, but they are also a portable team, and have been invited all around town to help with public speaking, teaching different skills, and helping businesses connect. Check them out!

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