Co-opetition Benefits All

When you combine cooperation with competition, you get "co-opetition" where businesses compete while also cooperating with one another. What does this look like? Striving to be the best while also referring customers to your neighboring businesses when you are at capacity or cannot meet their needs. In doing so, customers see that you have their best interests at heart and fellow businesses appreciate your recommendations. This gesture begins to build a community in which everyone benefits.

Co-opetition in Flagstaff

Here are a few examples of how the Flagstaff community is participating in co-opetition. Aspen Deli has fantastic sandwiches. Have you tried them yet? They have amazing reubens and a wide variety of meat and veggie selections. You will also notice that they have coffee available with a little sign on the carafe that says "Matador coffee". That's right, coffee from down the street at Matador Coffee.

Flagstaff General Store has just moved in to their new location downtown. Check them out between Alpine Pizza and Starrlight Books. As people browse their excellent selection of home decor, the staff also offers suggestions for items that they do not have but can be found nearby. It is a common occurrence for downtown business to recommend customers to one another. Flagstaff General Store sends folks to Bright Side Bookshop. Bright Side Books helps folks looking for lunch recommendations, and the web of support goes on and on.

Co branding a product together is another example of co-opetion. The new Single Speed Cafe provides the coffee for Single Speed Porter, made by Historic Brewing. Ideas abound for ways for businesses to call attention to one another. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense! Locally owned businesses are exceptional at knowing the needs of their customers and going above and beyond to provide an unforgettable experience. What is your favorite local business?