"Bites." Farm-to-Table App Close to Release

Bites. is an app for food lovers, local chefs and farmers that is planned to be released this summer. The app center-points these three groups in a collaborative community based marketplace. It grants food lovers with the highly desired connection to where the food comes from, while simultaneously giving local chefs and farmers exposure to the community.

In a quote from the applications visionary Roza Ferdowsmakan she states the applications long term goals: "We want to build a more connected community that feeds itself and moves away from globalized, commercial food production that only increases the global carbon footprint. We want to do good for the community and good for the earth. bites. is a grassroots movement toward a holistic approach to our connection with food, our community, and with the earth."

The application is still in it's development phase but you can keep updated with their progress by visiting their website at www.bites.mobi