Celebrating Personal Service and Community Participation

Every year, the Arizona Daily Sun hosts an exclusive competition to determine the very best Flagstaff businesses in over 200 categories - concentrating on dining and drinks, services, and shopping. Driven by the voices of local voters, the Best of Flagstaff report honors those who provide exceptional products, services, and participation in the Flagstaff community.

One thing that stands out among the best of the best is a huge emphasis on personal service and community participation - two things rarely available in an online experience. These are the rewards of shopping local that we’re happy to flaunt.
— Nancy Wiechec, Editor of the Arizona Daily Sun

In light of the online shopping boom, Local First Arizona couldn't agree more with the remarks made by Arizona Daily Sun's Editor, Nancy Wiechec. Increasingly, we observe a resurgence of support for the local business community from shoppers who see past the facade of convenience presented by online giants, and who, in turn, place higher value on community connection and sustainable economic vitality.

We would love to give a huge shout-out to those Local First Arizona members awarded the coveted "Best of Flag" title at the close of 2017. Thank you for your service to the Flagstaff community and preservation of our local economy! 


Congradulations to the LFA Winners!