Ten55's New Brewing and Sausage House Fosters Community


After years of dreaming and planning, Ten55 Brewing Company will open Ten55 Brewing and Sausage House - their Tucson-take on a traditional beer hall on August 11th. The new brewery and restaurant will feature Ten55's brews, along with craft sausages and rare German beers.

Ten55 Brewing and Sausage House would not be possible without help from the public. Co-owners Chris Squires and John Paul (JP) Vyborny were some of the first people to utilize a new equity fundraising law in 2016 to attract investors. This allowed them to form a community of people, who already knew and loved their beer, to invest in the future of Ten55. “Through this process we connected with new partners — some were people we had never even met before,” said Vyborny. “They were already fans of the beer, and wanted to become more involved. We’re opening the new location with new allies, new mentors. It really feels like we are bringing the community on this journey with us.”


The menu, with a total of 15 types of craft sausages, was developed by Executive Chef Ivor Cryderman, in collaboration with Ben Forbes of Forbes Meat Company. It features traditional sausages, including unusual varieties like rabbit and venison, and three vegetarian options. The team has also enlisted the help of Ema Peterson from Beer Geek Bakery, creator of beer-centric baked goods, to provide dessert.

The restaurant and brewery will be open for both lunch and dinner, providing a new fast-casual option for downtown Tucson. “We want this to be a meeting place,” says Vyborny. “A place where anyone can relax and grab a delicious meal and a cold beer with friends, family, and coworkers.”

The Grand Opening will take place on Saturday, August 11. In the tradition of Bavarian beer halls, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild will be in attendance to ceremoniously tap the first keg.

Shelby ThompsonComment