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August is just around the corner and summer vacations are coming to an end. While this doesn’t mark the beginning of sweater weather in AZ, it means that for many kids, it’s time to go back to school.

This can be an emotional time of the year for kids. Not only do they have to mentally prepare for a more difficult grade with new teachers and classmates, they have to make sure they have the right supplies to make it through the day. This means having the correct attire to fit school dress code, having healthy food to feed their brains, and having enough pens and pencils to achieve academic success.

Not sure where to find supplies? Check out these local shops in Tucson that provide everything you need for the new school year!

Kit Up & Go

Are you a busy mom with no time to shop? Fear no more, Kit Up & Go will make your shopping experience easy. In only three steps, you can have all of the school supplies you need delivered directly to your child’s classroom! Visit, find your school and teacher, and add your kit to the cart. Easy peasy! Kit Up and Go will literally save you from actually having to get up and go!

Upcycle Tucson

Did your child sign up for an art class but forget to tell you? Upcycle Tucson is perfect for your last minute arts and crafts needs. From quilting and fabric to a colorful paint selection, this warehouse provides all types of affordable, recycled arts and crafts materials; It’s basically an artsy thrift store! By shopping here, you will benefit your kid, your bank account, and Mother Earth!

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

Does your child need new books for school? How about music, a movie, or a musical instrument? Shop at Bookmans and you’ll find all of these items and more! Whether you live in East Tucson, Midtown, or Northwest, you can find a Bookmans close to you - there are three locations! They also provide full refunds or exchanges if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Sweet Repeat Children's Resale Boutique

Has your child grown? Stop by Sweet Repeat Children’s Resale Boutique for a fabulous selection of trendy clothes and shoes for your kids. Kill two birds with one stone by checking out their Clothes for Cash deal where you can bring in your old clothes and get cash back. You'll leave the store with new clothes, new cash, and a saved trip to GoodWill.

Beyond Bread

Not sure what to pack in your kid’s lunch box? Try Beyond Bread - A bakery and café that goes above and beyond to provide all kinds of hand-crafted breads, sandwiches, soups, and salads. Walk in for a fast-made sandwich or order the night before and pick it up in the morning. Don't forget to check out their special sandwich box and sack lunch - a box of 12 individually wrapped sandwiches of your choosing, of which you can order online, store in your fridge, and have 12 already made lunches available for only $44!


Want more lunch ideas? Check out this blog post about healthy lunch options for kids in school.