3-Step Back-To-School Shopping Guide For Phoenicians

There is always a way to make something more fun than it sounds, even if that thing is going back to school. After a fun-filled summer, it's time to start preparing for another school year. While which teachers and grades your kid gets isn't always in your control, there are a few things about school that you can guarantee will put a smile on your kid's face: fashion, food, and fabulous supplies. If you love Phoenix and love supporting local businesses, continue reading for your 3-step manual on how to make this upcoming school year one of the greatest.

Step 1: Fashion

It's no secret that looking fabulous makes you feel fabulous. Provide the best clothing options to give your kid that extra boost of confidence that will make all the difference as they they walk into their classroom on the first day of school. Here are two great resources for your local clothes shopping needs in the Phoenix area:

Homegrown Phoenix


Are you an Arizona junkie and love sporting your state? Homegrown PHX is a lovely little local shop with a variety of both women's and men's t-shirts as well as hats and bags. These unique designs and local prints will get your Arizona-loving kid pumped about going back to school. Drop by the store or shop online to start representing your glorious state!


Do you need more than just shirts and pants for your kid but don't have time to go to a bunch of different stores? Dollar Days has everything all in one stop or online click. Whether it's shoes, bags, hats, eyewear, hair accessories, winter wear, or even jewelry, you can find it here for the lowest wholesale prices around. Dollar Days has even got you covered when it comes to school uniforms, with options like polo shirts and khaki pants.

Step 2: Supplies

Now that you've got clothes checked off the list, it's time to move on to step 2: makings sure your kid has all the right school supplies. Here are a couple great local Phoenix options for school supplies shopping:

GBS Books


Whether your kid needs certain books to fit a curriculum or just wants to improve their reading skills, GBS Books is a great resource. With books from over 1000 publishers, GBS books specializes in fiction and non-fiction books for K-12 kids. Order online or drop in for educator workshops and author appearances!


Hate having to find a bunch of individual supplies from different websites? Some teachers put their requested materials all in one kit to make your life easier. Kit Up & Go makes online school supply shopping easy with just 3 steps: Choose your school, your teacher, and checkout. That was easy!

Step 3: Food

Now that you've got supplies to feed your kid's backpack, now you've got to remember to get supplies to feed their brain. Packing school lunches can be tricky, especially if you're running late in the morning. Here are a couple great local options in the Phoenix area for picking up lunch for your kid to take on the go:

AJ's Fine Foods


AJ's is a gold mine for healthy on-the-go food. With their deli and bakery stocked with delicious options, AJ's makes it easy to grab a sandwich or a baguette to stash in your kid's lunchbox. And while you're there, might as well grab a tasty cup of coffee to get your day started. AJ's: Fine and Fast food.

Duck and Decanter


Have a little bit of extra time in the morning to get your kid the best sandwich in the Phoenix area to take to school? Stop by Duck and Decanter and choose an award winning sandwich off their menu. Duck and Decanter is proud to be local and wants what is best for your kid: from their health to their happiness.

Once you've checked off Step 3 from your list, both you and your kid are now fully prepared for back to school season. Happy schooling!

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