5 Fitness Centers You Shouldn't Weight to Try During Independent's Week

Is motivating yourself to work out just not working out for you? Fear not—Independents Week is the perfect opportunity for you to build both your muscles and your bank savings. From June 30th through July 8th, use your Golden Coupons to save 20% at the best local fitness businesses in the Phoenix area. Here is a list of 5 fabulous places to show your body some love.

1. Club FITspiration (Scottsdale)

Whether you are looking for fast paced personal training, customized online coaching, or top notch nutrition counseling, Club FITspiration in Scottsdale is the perfect fit. This local organization is interested in understanding your own personal lifestyle in order to best help you reach success. After obtaining your nutrition and fitness prescriptions, track your progress with the help of highly qualified and experienced coaches as you run through your customized fitness journey.

2. Studio Verve Pilates (Phoenix)

If you’re looking for a total body workout with low impact and high results, pilates is your destination. This special workout is designed to strengthen the core and elongate musculature without lifting weights to develop a toned physique. Studio Verve Pilates is a studio in Phoenix that offers both mat and reformer pilates, as well as TRX and nutritional programs. Pilates enthusiasts also have the opportunity to take classes here in order to become certified pilates instructors. Let’s get to training!

3. Tricore (Phoenix)

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Grab a friend and expand your fitness palate by signing up for a smorgasbord of classes including cardio, weights, movements, and pilates. Tricore will allow you to build muscle strength in order to not only look your best, but feel your best; these classes will tone your body and decrease susceptibility to injuries by restoring joint health and mobility. If at first you don’t succeed, tri, tri again.

4. Village Health Clubs & Spas (Phoenix)

Are you tired of your friends talking about Crossfit, but secretly always been curious to find out what it actually is? Now’s your chance to finally try Crossfit, a strength and conditioning program that is broad and customizable for all ages and levels. While we’re trying new things, don’t forget about Kinesis, a program that sculpts your body from every angle under the supervision of a Village trainer. Bring your friends and dive into some sports like aquatics and racquetball before you end the day with a yoga session and a massage.

5.  Cryoworld Therapy (Phoenix)

There’s no better way to get out of the Phoenix heat than to stand in a -240F chamber until your entire body is numb. It sounds scary, I know—but hear me out. After you’ve spent all your Golden Coupons at these local fitness centers, Cryoworld’s three phase system has what you need to recover your muscles and gain that energy back:

Phase 1: Remove

The intense cold you experience during your 2 to 3 minute session at -240F causes your blood vessels and muscle tissue to constrict, forcing blood away from tissues and directing it to your core. The core’s natural filtration system then is able to swiftly remove any toxins from your blood. Bloody cool!

Phase 2: Replenish

After your cryochamber session, your blood can flow back into peripheral tissues, having been cleaned and enriched with oxygen and nutrients. Your range of motion can now increase due to this cycle of cold-to-warm blood.

Phase 3: Recover

During the next 48 hours, your body returns to an improved state with less pain and inflammation and higher energy levels. Your body now has the capability to recover quickly from the tough workouts you just started doing at local fitness centers!


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