5 Resolutions to Live Like a Localist in 2018


A new year means new resolutions to accomplish your goals and find happiness! What new things do you plan to incorporate into your life this year? 

One thing you should add to your list of 2018 resolutions is to "Live Like a Localist."
This simply means making your money work for you and for Arizona by keeping it local as much as possible.

And we here at Local First make it fun and easy to go local in essentially every aspect of your life. 

Ready to live like a Localist in 2018?
Here are 5 resolutions you can adopt in the new year: 


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Whether you're new to shopping locally or have been doing so your entire life, make a resolution to shift 10% or more of your spending to local this year. 

When you shop locally, up to four times more money stays in the local economy than if you spent that money at a national chain!
That makes a big difference for job creation, economic opportunity, and general happiness in your community. 

If you're asking yourself, "How can I shift my spending?" use the Local FIrst Arizona Directory to find thousands of certified local businesses across the state. Choose a local restaurant the next time you're eating out. Get your oil changed at a local auto mechanic. Or buy your pet food from a local pet store. The options are endless!


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Did you know that Arizonans collectively spend $6 billion a year vacationing in California? Keep those dollars in Arizona by exploring some of our state's most unique communities. 

Not sure where to start exploring? Join us for our first WeekendZona getaway of the year: Antiquing and History in Globe/Miami. This all-inclusive package will showcase the rich history of one of Arizona's oldest mining towns as well as one-of-a-kind tours and meals that you can only find in Globe-Miami (not to mention, you might make friends with a ghost or two). 

You can also plan your own Arizona getaway by exploring the travel options on the Local First Arizona directory.



If your money is currently being held by any of the big banks, it's not working for you.

Local banks and credit unions are more likely to make loans to local businesses, contribute to local charities, and provide amazing customer service.
Make the resolution to move your money to a local bank or credit union this year and reap the benefits for yourself and your community. 

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A healthier life starts with diet. Eat healthy and eat local with the help of Good Food Finder and the Local First Arizona Directory.
One of the best things you can do to live healthy and local is to make a resolution to visit your local farmers market on a regular basis

Looking to get fit? Try a local gym or personal trainer to get you on the right track this year. 


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Want to get more involved in giving back to your local community? We make it easy to find local nonprofits doing great work across the state. 

Want to support the work of Local First Arizona to strengthen Arizona's economy and build opportunity?
You can become a volunteer, make a tax-deductible contribution to the Local First Arizona Foundation, or attend the next graduation of the Fuerza Local Business Accelerator

Ready to live life like a Localist in 2018? Subscribe to The Local Insider to hear about the latest local events and opportunities in your community!