A 1970s Throwback: The Little Woody

Nestled in Arcadia, The Little Woody is a neighborhood favorite – a kind of speakeasy bar that delivers all the best things in a dive bar: dark lighting, a vintage vibe, strong drinks, and plenty of things to make that night a memorable, good time. Recently, The Little Woody expanded to share more of the love it has to give. Its newest feature is a cozy Pool Den, designed as a throwback to your parents’ or grandparents’ old basement. Taking cues from the main bar concept, the gang at Genuine Concepts who are the magicians behind The Little Woody and other neighborhood watering holes, have made its newest addition a place where the good times can keep rolling.

The walls are covered with wood paneling and vintage beer signs from back in the day, the corner DJ booth is complete with shelves of trophies and the leather couches and chairs in the room offer a lounge area for guests to hang out with friends over cocktails and bar eats. Two pool tables are the main attraction of the front area which is watched over by Brocephus, the giant buffalo head mounted in the center of the den. Dimly lit with amber lanterns and candle accents, the space is cohesive with the original feel of The Little Woody and its dark, mysterious vibe.

Halie BlauserComment