How to Start Your Small Local Business on a Budget

Screenshot from 2016-07-13 10:47:31 You have the dream, the vision and the concept of your small local business all laid out, but the costs of starting a new business can be the one roadblock you have in your path. The new retail prices of things like commercial grade kitchen equipment, shelving, storage, seating, decor and more can make that dream of starting your own business seem like an impossibility. But don't give up on that dream just yet; there are other ways to stock your business with all the equipment you need without having to spend a fortune.

Surplus Asset Management, or SAM Auctions, offers the cost effective alternative to purchasing those brand new commercial grade items. Surplus Asset Management Chief Strategy Officer, Ben Smith points out the benefits for small businesses of buying their commercial equipment from SAM: "at Surplus Asset Management, businesses can find products and equipment at less than half the retail price, meaning they can put more money back into their capital accounts." In other words, people looking to start their own small business, or expand their current one, are able to purchase the equipment they need at a fraction of the cost if purchased new.

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The SAM Auction yard is open from 8 A.M. until 4 P.M. weekdays on Monday through Friday, where people can look through items and equipment on the auction lot and make an offer right then and there. Additionally, items available are regularly posted online. SAM Auctions also have a yard sale on the third Tuesday of every month with even more items available for sale. Lastly, a catalog is available on the SAM Auctions website in advance, so you can make bids on the website in advance online or in person.

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So, before you give up on that dream of opening up your own small local business because you think you can't afford it, check out Surplus Asset Management's auctions and see how they can make your dream of opening your business a reality.