Tucson's Local Radio KXCI Opens New Studio at Hotel Congress

Screenshot from 2016-07-06 12:06:34 Long-running, listener-supported radio station KXCI is excited to announce the opening of their new studio inside of the Hotel Congress located in the heart of Downtown Tucson. This summer, the station will begin construction on the studio space within the hotel and are slated to be on air from inside of Hotel Congress this coming fall. The station will be broadcasting their eclectically curated mix of music from their new studio space which will be located directly across from the Copper Room and adjacent to the venues main showroom.

“We are proud members of the community with a long-standing commitment to showcasing all that makes Tucson unique and vibrant. Forging a space within the very heart of the community where our listeners and donors can share in the joy and excitement of what makes KXCI’s programming so special makes perfect sense,” says KXCI Executive Director Cathy Rivers.

KXCI's current station home in Armory park will shift priority to becoming more of an educational facility for the station and offer tours and classes for Tucson residents interested in learning more about the station, its history and radio. The aim of maintaining the old space as an educational facility while creating and opening their new studio inside of Hotel Congress is to reflect the stations values of respecting historical Tucson spaces while expressing an innovative approach to the future.

We love seeing this kind of creative collaboration among local businesses, as well as the support of local media! Check out KXCI's website to see the latest local stories and events they're talking about.