The Copper Whale Offers Handmade Gifts in Prescott

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.30.03 PM The Copper Whale is a family-owned retail shop located in downtown Prescott's historic Whiskey Row. Specializing in artisanal, handmade goods crafted locally in Arizona, as well as across the U.S., The Copper Whale boasts unique finds in categories like knitted items, jewelry, clothing, paintings, woodwork, quilts, and children’s toys. The merchandise found in The Copper Whale is always evolving based on what its source artists are busy creating across the seasons of the year. The shop’s goal is to support these artists and their quest to create and share carefully crafted products by hand and out of their passion for originality of design.

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The Copper Whale sincerely believes that it’s time to welcome back the wholesome goodness of handmade treasures. Nicole Michetti, the owner of The Copper Whale, has an eye for unique design and a background in art and photography to back it up. She sees Whiskey Row’s shopping district as an opportunity to harness her relationship with regional craftspeople and gather some of their unique goods under one roof for Prescott’s residents and visitors to enjoy. She’s also able to share her own art, photographs and knitting, as well as her parents’ needlepoint work and paintings. Further, Nicole uses art as a form of community outreach and The Copper Whale as a hub to bring together artists (and artists-in-the-making) for weekly knitting classes. Visit The Copper Whale in Prescott to see what unique treats might be in store for you. Or, if you are too far to visit the shop in Prescott, visit The Copper Whale online.

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