24 Hours in Flagstaff: Your Local Business Guide

mountain sports Summers in Arizona mean everyone flocks to the beautiful City of Flagstaff to escape the heat of the Valley. In Flagstaff, we call this Tourist Season, but what are you supposed to do while you’re here? Shop locally, of course! Historic Downtown Flagstaff is filled shops and restaurants that you don’t want to miss. I have listed a few of my favorites below as you move through your day in Flagstaff.


If you are looking for a good cup of joe before you jump start your day, ditch Starbucks and check out Toasted Owl or Tourist Home. Both of these places also offer breakfast that you can grab to go with your coffee.

The Tourist Home is located on San Francisco Street. They are opened daily at 6:00 a.m. and you can stop in for a cup of coffee, breakfast burrito, newspaper, house made pastries, and conversation. You can choose to sit inside or outside with your coffee and meal. If you decide to jump start your day, you can grab your grub and enjoy the short walk to the heart of downtown Flagstaff.

Screenshot from 2016-06-30 10:59:21The Toasted Owl is another cute café located on Mike’s Pike and also provides pet-friendly, outdoor seating with umbrella coverings. The Toasted Owl has a seasonal menu filled with tasty breakfast and lunch options. You can grab your grub and run to your next stop, or enjoy the sweet mountain air while you fill your belly with delicious food.


If you are looking to sit and relax while you have some delicious breakfast, you will notice Flagstaff has the usual chains, but keep it local and even more tasty by stopping at Brandy’s Bakery and Restaurant or Coppa Café.

At Brandy’s Bakery, breakfast is served all the way until noon during the weekdays and until 3 p.m. on the weekends and Holidays. Brandy’s is located on Cedar Avenue, on the East side of Flagstaff. It is definitely worth going to! They use the freshest ingredients in everything they serve and you will want to sit down for their delicious breakfast; it just might sweep you off your feet!

Coppa Café is located on Milton Road and brings the flavors of Europe to Flagstaff. Coppa Café is a brunch spot, so if you like your beauty sleep, then you can sleep in but still enjoy brunch. This mom and pop shop is a great start to your day.

Early Afternoon:

Screenshot from 2016-06-30 11:01:00After wandering around beautiful Flagstaff and sightseeing, you’ll become pretty hungry, trust me! Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of local places for lunch. If you are feeling like a grab and go sandwich, you will want to check out Aspen Deli. These delicious, handcrafted sandwiches are something you will not want to miss. They have sandwiches, salads, and soups that are all made with the freshest ingredients that will make you crave Aspen Deli during and after your stay in Flagstaff!

Not feeling sandwiches? Well, then check out Mix Flagstaff, located in the Old Town Shops in the center of downtown. Mix serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers heavenly salads, sandwiches, and soups. You can also grab your food to go or sit outside in Heritage Square and enjoy the crisp mountain air.

Lastly, if you just want a cold one and some savory bar food, check out Beaver Street Brewery. Beaver Street is located on Beaver Street and is a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown. Beaver Street has all your basics for lunch and dinner, which includes pizza, burgers, salads, soups, tempting appetizers, and more. They also have a taproom if you are interested in getting some beer tasting going! You can sit outside and enjoy a view of the San Francisco Peaks and fully understand why we are a mountain town.


Well, now that you are full from your coffee or breakfast and have had some grub for lunch, take a walk around downtown and get some shopping done! Many of our visitors are tourists on vacation and whenever I go on vacation, I always like bringing back gifts for friends and family. Downtown Flagstaff offers a plethora of places to shop for gifts! Definitely check out Rainbows End, Mountain Sports, Fizzy Bella Bath Boutique, and The Golden Hive while you are here.

Rainbows End is a cute little boutique that contains women’s clothes, shoes, and jewelry. If you have a mom, a sister, or a girlfriend with a cute, funky style then this is the place to go! They are located on Route 66 right across from Flagstaff Brewing.

Mountain Sports is all about the outdoors and it’s definitely not the only outdoors shop in town. Mountain Sports is located on San Francisco Street and has outdoor clothing and shoes and carries a lot of Patagonia items.

Screenshot from 2016-06-30 11:56:26Fizzy Bella is all about high quality, all natural bath products! If you know someone who loves pampering themselves, check out Fizzy Bella. It’s hard to miss this shop because the smells will pull your nose straight to it. It is located on Lerox Street.


Finally, The Golden Hive is our local honey shop. They are located next to Peace Surplus on Route 66 and they have products made from honey or beeswax, including beeswax candles that make your whole house smell like honey when they burn. They have samples of every honey product to make your decision even easier. Even if you aren’t looking for a beeswax candle or honey, still stop in and get a $0.25 honey stick for the kids!

Late afternoon:

Now that you have explored downtown and purchased all your souvenirs, it’s time for a drink! Flagstaff is equipped with a handful of breweries for you to choose from because we know our tourists get thirsty. Mother Road Brewery is located on Mike’s Pike and includes a taproom and outdoor seating.

Mother Road LogoMother Road has four beers on tap that are offered year-round and about eight beers on tap that rotate. Mother Road also serves delicious pizza from Pizzicletta, next door. If you have kids and are looking for another brewery where you can grab a beer and they can grab some food, you should check out Historic Brewing.


Historic Brewing has four year-round brews and many, many more that you can choose from. Historic is also partnered with Proper Meats, so if the kids need a bite to eat, or you do, you can order from Proper Meats and eat at Historic. Historic also has a small outdoor seating area and is only a few blocks from downtown.


Moving into the later part of the day, you and your group or family will be looking for a place to have some dinner. While Flagstaff has some chain restaurants, we are going to keep it local and suggest Diablo Burger or Lumberyard Brewing Company.

 Screenshot from 2016-06-30 10:57:14Diablo Burger is located in the heart of downtown near Heritage Square. Diablo Burger, you guessed it, has rich, savory, and sweet burgers. Take your pick of one of the 13 burgers they offer and indulge in their one of a kind Belgian-style fries, or frites. All of the burgers here are made from 100% local, grass-fed, open range-raised, antibiotic-free, and growth-hormone- free beef. Diablo’s burgers are around $10-$12 a piece, but you get your money’s worth and more! You may not even have room for dessert after you sink your teeth into one of those bad boys.

If you are looking for a simple and delicious meal, head over to Lumberyard Brewing Company. The Lumberyard offers a great selection of wings, appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, and more. The kids will love this one and parents can enjoy a flight of beer or a Yard Jar from the bar. If the weather is nice, sit outside on the patio and enjoy a sight of downtown and the passing trains. On Friday and Saturday nights, there are free two-step dance lessons begin around 9 p.m. and beginning at 10 p.m. this restaurant turns into a dance floor where you can dance the night away.

You’ve had a busy, busy day. Hopefully you’re not too full from dinner though, because we still have to stop in for dessert! Don’t miss the Flagstaff Nut House located on Aspen Avenue in the heart of downtown. Grab some chocolate covered almonds, a bag of flavored or plain popcorn, or some ice cream either in the form of a scoop or a milkshake. The kids will love this one and parents will be able to indulge in their own way.


The State Bar located on Route 66 always has live music that you can enjoy while you taste the flavors of Arizona through all Arizona wines and beers. Lastly, I encourage you to check out the Orpheum Theater located on West Aspen Avenue. The Orpheum always has great events to attend from concerts, to movies, to adult prom. Check out their calendar of events to see what will be going on while you are in town!

Hopefully your stay in Flagstaff will be eventful, enjoyable, and memorable. Flagstaff and its community has many things to offer to its visitors. The local businesses listed here are only a handful of the local businesses that are located here. For a full list of local businesses, head over to Local First Arizona’s website. Enjoy your trip to Flagstaff and as always, keep it local!

 This article was written by LFA Intern Jessica Lazor.