An Arizona Classic: Arizona Highways Magazine

Arizona Highways Cover sunset Arizona Highways Magazine’s award-winning photography, travel journalism, and its steadfast commitment to discovering the state’s treasures has brought the beauty and splendor of Arizona to visitors and natives alike for more than 90 years. Originally launched in July 1921 by the Arizona Highway Department (now the Arizona Department of Transportation), the magazine began as a 10-page pamphlet designed to promote "the development of good roads throughout the state.” Since then the magazine has become a key source for information about people, places, and things across Arizona with some of the most spectacular photography of our beloved state

Did you know: In 1946, the famous photographer Ansel Adams started to contribute prints for the magazine? Since this time, the magazine has become world famous due to its splendid photography and content. If you are looking for a gift or a coffee table addition that celebrates the beauty of Arizona, consider a gift subscription or other gems that Arizona Highways offers including imprinted calendars and coffee-table books. Visit their website at to learn more and to see their great gift giving options.