Carbon Footprint Will Make a Custom Imprint for Your Home

carbon footprint If you’re looking to create a custom piece of furniture that is sustainable, modern, and long lasting, Local First Arizona member Carbon Footprint is just the furniture design company that can create the masterpiece dwelling in your mind’s eye. Everything begins with you and the company’s designer. Since each piece is not pulled from inventory, but essentially “made-to-order”, the fabric, the material, the firmness of the foam, and finished textures and colors are unique to you. No one else will have furniture like yours.

Carbon Footprint are local artisans working alongside fellow Arizona craftsmen and fabricators, creating quality furniture using sustainable and recycled materials. This custom design furniture company crafts artisan products from durable materials, and the end result are modern and unique products that are treasured and long lived, and created with materials that are suited to the environment, both natural and built. Everything is handcrafted to ensure the highest quality – each of the artisans aspire to create unique and commanding furniture of quality, integrity and beauty that will last for generations and leave a lighter mark.

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