By Banking Locally, You're Kickstarting Our Economy

CommunityBankingMonth-2016-FBCoverPhoto April is Community Banking Month, where we will be celebrating Arizona's local banks and credit unions all month long! Currently only 4% of Arizona's total deposits are in Arizona-owned banks and credit unions, which means we have very limited local control over how our money could be used.

Did you know that when you bank with a local bank or credit union:

  • Your money will be directly invested in the local community.
  • More of your dollars will go towards small business loans for local businesses to help them expand and create jobs.
  • Your dollars will also support important community initiatives that your local bank or credit union is connected to.

If you're already banking with a local bank or credit union, your dollars have already been put to work to create jobs, support local businesses, and create an Arizona we're all proud to call home. Share your love of your local bank or credit union on Twitter or Facebook and help spread the word about moving your money to make a difference! 

CommunityBankingMonth-2016-SMShare3Visit our Community Banking Month website for a list of resources, to take the Bank Locally pledge, and find a list of certified local banks and credit unions here in Arizona!