Gone Glamping

Stout Tent 1 Are you enchanted by the mystical scene of a lush desert landscape, kayaking, and a luxurious evening spent under the full moon and stars and tucked away in a beautiful vintage style bell tent? Tempe-based Stout Tent, a purveyor of fine canvas tents for unique individuals and events brings to life glamorous camping and the outdoors with amazing bell tents and special events.  Stout Tent’s offerings aren't the typical klutzy plastic ones you may have fumbled with. These are real cotton canvas vintage style bell tents, which date back to the 1800's and were designed by US Army troops as an adaptation to the tipi. They are spacious inside and easy to setup, adding a unique and beautiful flare to any outdoor escapade or a perfect backyard addition to any bohemian-centric aesthetic.

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If you’re not yet ready to commit to a beautiful bell tent - Stout Tent also offers a luxurious spin on a weekend of camping with its monthly Arizona Glamping Experience.  The next event takes place on April 22-24 and is a premier weekend glamping excursion featuring full-moon kayaking, full service catering, live fireside entertainment and full immersion into the tranquility of gorgeous Arizona. Their events are perfect for a couple’s getaway or a relaxing weekend with friends. Located at Lake Pleasant just north of Phoenix, guests can enjoy luxury accommodations on a private beach and enjoy the perfect balance of activity, entertainment and serenity. To learn more, purchase or rent a tent and RSVP at their next Glamping experience, visit their website.

Written by Somlynn Rorie