The Colombian Hot Dog

The Sonoran Cousin Hot Dog from Simon's Hot Dogs If you haven’t yet experienced the flavor explosion of a Colombian hot dog, now is your chance to finally get your hands on one (or several). The ever popular Simon's Hot Dogs, originally located in Sedona, has finally relocated and opened in Scottsdale, AZ. Traditional Colombian-style hot dog are boiled (not grilled), hugely decadent, and messy with the most eclectic toppings such as pineapple sauce (salsa de piña) and crushed potato chips.

Other wild toppings and pairings available on their hot dogs include mozzarella cheese, seaweed, teriyaki onions, wasabi Mayo, and other unique menu offerings such as handmade German Style Bratwurst exclusive of Simon’s, chili with beans, maicitos (a Colombian appetizer with sweet corn and a mix of cheese and bacon bites on top), nachos, and more. Potato chips and dill pickles accompany all the hot dogs. And great news if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, Simon’s Hot dogs offerings can be transformed into a delicious vegetarian or vegan hot dog feast. At Simon’s hot dogs they offer the same food experience for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike! Check out their full menu and head out to Scottsdale for a unique spin on the hot dog. 


Written by Somlynn Rorie