Local Community Tire Pros Costs Less than National Chains

COMPARE THE COST There is a myth going around that shopping at local businesses is more expensive than shopping at national chains. Local First Arizona wants you to know that this is not true: Shopping locally is not only comparable, it's often cheaper! Below are costs per tire at Community Tire Pros, a proud Local First Arizona member, vs. three large national tire chains:

Price Comparisons:

micheiln defenderTire: Michelin- Defender Size: 215/60R16 Standard passenger car/minivan tire.

Community Tire Pros Price: $120.37* per tire.

Walmart Online Price: $125.00* per tire.


bridgestone plus

Tire: Bridegstone- Ecopia EP422 Plus Size: 215/60R16 All-season passenger car/minivan tire.

Community Tire Pros Price: $109.95* per tire.

Costco Online Price: $111.99* per tire.


goodyear wrangler

Tire: Goodyear: Wrangler SR-A Size: P215/65R17 Enhanced traction for pickup Trucks.

Community Tire Pros Price: $110.95* per tire.

Goodyear Online Price: $113.00* per tire.


These are just three examples where beats the price of national chains on top-ranked, commonly used tires for cars and trucks. Not only can shopping locally be cheaper, when you follow the money it does more good for Arizona. Up to four times more money spent locally than at a national chain will stay and circulate in the local economy, which has big implications. A 2008 economic study, Local Works, shows that if everyone in a city the size of Tucson shifted just 10% of their spending from national to locally owned businesses, it would create an average of 132 million new dollars recirculating in the local economy, 1,600 brand-new jobs and $52 million in new local wages.


Additionally, Community Tire Pro's is thoroughly connected to the community they serve. On a piece of property nearby one of their locations, they launched a Community Tire Salsa Garden, which is focused on providing a neighborhood salsa garden in an area that is considered a "food desert." At the garden, they educate the community about the love of Mother nature and all she has to offer in the "Joy of Gardening!" They also offer on-site cooking chefs, seasonal events, creative recycled tire art, fun kid projects and unique learning experience. So you know that when you spend your money on tires with Community Tire, they'll use some of those dollars on unique projects that serve the community like the Salsa Garden.

community tire garden lfa staff

Local First Arizona asks you to think about the power of the money you spend and find a local business near you when you need a product or service. Our Local Business Directory has over 2,500 local, independent businesses in almost every industry to make shopping local easy.

*These prices were collected online in March 2016