Discover the Now Sound of Brazil

Images via Afro:Baile If you’re looking for some new tunes that are perfect for poolside parties and those summer evenings spent with friends then be sure to check out Afro:Baile, an award-winning Brazilian Music Label & Events company based in Phoenix, Arizona. From Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo, from the Samba to the Bossa Nova, Afro:Baile pushes the envelope in discovering some of today’s most modern and forward-thinking artists from all across Brazil. Established in 2006, Afro:Baile was created by Arizona DJ & long time World Music enthusiast Miguel Ivery (aka DJ Seduce). Afro:Baile first began as a monthly event for international touring artists and local artists to come together and perform Afro?World Music, Dance and Cultural traditions. The primary focus of the event was to introduce the infectious grooves of Africa and how African culture had influenced the sounds of Latin America through music in drums, songs, and history, but more specifically Brazil and the Afro-Brazilian music style.

Images via Afro Baile

As part of Afro:Baile’s “discover the now sound” slogan, they remain committed to promoting Brazilian culture in the Valley through events, festivals, concerts, education, performance, and more. Their festivals and events have continued to garner local and worldwide recognition and attracting some of the biggest names in Brazilian entertainment to the Valley of the Sun. Keep an eye out for this year’s Brazilian Day Festival slated for September 26. The seventh annual event is a fun-filled festival that brings forth the best of Brazil and celebrates "Brazilian Day" at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Until then. be sure to check out some groovy tunes and other Brazilian goodies.

Written by Somlynn Rorie