Undie-neath Recycling

Images via The Bra Recyclers Many are well versed when it comes to standard recycling practices; cans, bottles, paper etc. But what about the more complicated items? When it comes to aiming towards a 'zero waste' life, textiles cannot be left out the of the equation. While 95% of textiles (worn or torn) can be recycled, only a mere 15% are actually recycled. Elaine Birks-Mitchell focused in on one particular undergarment and founded The Bra Recyclers - not only to nip this recycling problem once and for all, but also to give back to families in need.

Images via The Bra Recyclers

The organization collects, donates and/or recycles any bras that women no longer need. They have found that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong-sized bra, meaning there are thousands upon thousands of bras that can be reused or recycled to help women and girls in transition. Those interested in supporting The Bra Recyclers' mission can visit their website to fill out the Bra Recycling Form to mail in any bra donations, search for the closest donation drop-off location or learn more about how to become a Bra Recycling Ambassador. You can even shop their Undie Chest which features socially and environmentally conscious companies.