Yellow Brick Coffee: From Farm to Cup

Anna and David in their shop, Yellow Brick Coffee. Like a fine wine or a great beer, a lot of craftsmanship, skill, planning, and practice goes into making a great cup of coffee. Yellow Brick Coffee in Tucson specializes in roasting high quality single origin coffee, and the craftsmanship and passion behind the brew is evident when talking with Anna and David Perreira. Anna and David are brother and sister, and together they've been brewing their coffee in the Warehouse District since May of 2014.

Anna started her journey and education of coffee roasting years ago at a well known coffee shop in New York City where she learned the different profiles, flavors, and aromas that come from a well crafted coffee roast. Her mentor in NYC encouraged her to develop a business plan and take her education to the next level, eventually moving her to San Francisco to be formally trained as a roaster.

Anna and David on one of their trips to meet coffee growers.

Eventually, Anna made her first trip to Honduras to meet coffee plant growers. She made her first connection with the women run farm of Mi Tizita, and became one of the first to export their coffee beans to the US. Over the years, Anna and David have traveled through El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Ethiopia, and other countries to meet the farmers and families who grow the coffee that they roast and brew at Yellow Brick.

Anna, like many coffee roasters and connoisseurs, realized the problems with lack of proper payment and treatment of the families and farmers who grow coffee for the rest of the world. To help address these problems, Yellow Brick Coffee's business model is designed to highlight the producers associated with the quality of the roast and product. This means that they buy traceable coffee, so that they know exactly which farms their beans are coming from. This single origin process of procurement also means that by buying from the farms, they are avoiding third party companies that don't provide the farmers with the income they deserve. Ensuring that farmers get fair value and payment for their product.

We are excited to have Yellow Brick at SAVOR this year to educate atendees about their roasts and all of the people involved in making a cup of coffee. SAVOR Food and Wine Festival is one of Tucson's premier food events of the year, bringing together some of the best food and beverages that Souther Arizona has to offer, all within the beautiful settings of the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Yellow Brick will be preparing a coffee tasting of sorts, similar to a wine tasting. They will be highlighting some of their unique roasts, prepared in three different ways; highlighting different flavor notes and aromas.

From left to right: aeropress brew, cold brew with nitro, and the chemex brewer.

They'll have their popular cold brew on tap with nitro, their Kenyan roast prepared through an aeropress, and their Costa Rican roast prepared with a chemex brewer. The areopress will help to highlight the brightness and tomato orange notes of the roast; while the chemex will bring out the clean balanced, acitic and fruity notes.

If you're going to SAVOR on February 6th, be sure to stop by the Yellow Brick booth to try their crafted coffee flight and meet Anna and David. There is still time to buy tickets for SAVOR but don't wait or they'll be gone! You can get your tickets here. If you can't make it to the event, be sure to stop by Yellow Brick's shop to experience their unique roasts!