Saving money, saving time, saving energy

IMG_1608When running a business, it can be daunting to figure out how to implement energy saving options like high-efficiency lighting, low impact appliances, and upgraded electrical systems.  Stinkweeds, an independently owned record store of 28 years, found a wayto do it while staying busy selling new and used music from mostly independent artists.  

Last year, Stinkweeds completed a complete lighting retrofit of their store on Central and Camelback in Phoenix, thanks to reimbursements from APS through their Express Solutions program, which helps small businesses save energy, money, and time with various upgrades.  They replaced all of their indoor track lighting with high-efficiency LED bulbs for one-third of the cost that it usually requires. Stinkweeds is saving over $200 on energy bills annually, meaning the project paid itself off within the year.

How did they do it?


Stinkweeds worked with local lighting provider Lighting UnLimited, who offer free energy audits and processing of all the energy efficiency rebates available through local utilities. Energy utilities regularly offer rebates for upgrading to high-efficiency lighting, but the rebate process can be tedious and confusing.  Lighting UnLimited completed the energy audit and did all of the research, application, and processing steps for receiving the maximum cost savings from rebates  The result was a cost estimate that decreased the original price of the retrofit by 66%, with little to no extra work for the staff at Stinkweeds. “All we had to do was sign on the dotted line,” says Lindsay Cates, manager of Stinkweeds, of any additional work required to complete the retrofit.  

IMG_1606Cates reports that the effects of the retrofit can be felt and seen.  Before switching to LEDs, the lights gave off much more heat, despite the actual light being dimmer than the new ones, indicating that energy was being wasted.

Thanks to local companies like Lighting UnLimited, it’s easy for independent businesses like Stinkweeds to reduce their environmental impact and save money at the same time!