The Gift of Jewels

Joseph Schubach Jewelers 2 This holiday season, if you’re looking to gift the one you love with something sparkly, consider a locally owned jeweler. Joseph Schubach Jewelers carefully selects and offers you a wide variety of jewelry options such as natural diamonds and gemstones along with diamond alternatives like moissanite, clarity enhanced diamonds, Radiance Diamond, lab grown gemstones and other alternatives. Its recycled metals and lab grown gemstones are green and eco-friendly. One of the more unique offerings Joseph Schubach specializes in is its ability to create custom jewelry. The possibilities are endless, especially if you’re wanting to give that unique person a gift that speaks to him/her in a particular gemstone and in a style only they would appreciate.

Joseph Schubach Jewelers

Additionally, whether you're eyeing a designer item or want to create a new design from scratch, Joseph Schubach is the go-to-place to recreate your dream piece at a fraction of the cost. Joseph Schubach Jewelers is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, where they run both our customer service center and a by-appointment jewelry showroom. But, if you’re looking to get a foot up on your holiday shopping, check out their online store where all the latest, on-point jewelry trends are available for purchase.

Written by Somlynn Rorie