Blanketed In Love

Bunny BlankyImage via Bunny Blanky As cool desert nights settle in, why not give the gift of a luxuriously soft and beautiful rosette blanket, which is perfect for any season and state of mind. Bunny Blanky blankets were born as an act of love: a handmade gift from one sister to another, and then carried on by a mother’s handiwork.  Each one-of-a- kind blanket is hand-sewn in Arizona in five beautiful colors and three different sizes. Branding, production, operations, and sales are all in the family. Aleks, Nikole, Kandy, and Tamara are the passionate team behind Bunny Blanky blankets and are committed to the quality and consistency of each handmade piece of woven art.

Bunny Blanky 1Image via Bunny Blanky

At the foot of your bed or draped over your favorite armchair, this blanket will add comfort and sophistication to any space. But what makes Bunky Blanky blankets so special is the warmth and comfort they provide – a perfect accessory for any evening of the week, at the end of every day. Visit Bunny Blanky’s website to learn more.

Written by Somlynn Rorie