Work with Your Hands, Enrich Your Life at Bisbee Craft School

Guest Written by by LFA Intern, Jessica Estrada.

Arizona offers many adventures to residents and visitors - hiking, ghost towns, art and local cuisines, and more. The historic mining town of Bisbee is a hidden Southern Arizona treasure. There are many cultural adventures awaiting in Bisbee. The newly opened Bisbee Craft School shares many of the great qualities and experiences that makes Bisbee unique.

Bisbee Craft School offers craft workshops in Old Bisbee for locals and tourists looking to enhance their artistic abilities. Workshops vary from 1-3 days in mediums such as drawing, metalwork and jewelry. Some classes include Fundamentals of Classical Drawing, Drawing Made Easy, and Beginner Pastel. Can’t draw a stick figure to save your life? No worries! The Bisbee Craft School also offers Willow Basketry, Natural Methods of Making Leather, and Introduction to Metalworking.

Bisbee Craft SchoolClasses, starting January of 2016, take students on a tour of Old Bisbee as they take place in different locations throughout the town. The courses are taught by local artists and craftspeople wanting to help people gain enriching experiences.  Take a look at the full list of workshops and sign up for an experience you will never forget with incredible and talented professors.

Owner Karen Schumacher believes that “the act of making things can enrich anyone’s life.” Schumacher knew that a town filled with so many creative, talented people, and beautiful hills providing visual inspiration, was the perfect place to start a craft school. Bisbee is a tight knit community with artistic flair and localism is a part of everyone’s daily routine. Schumacher understands and celebrates the importance of buying local as she loves to buy original, handmade creations. She also encourages localism by putting together a list of working artists in Cochise County, making it easy for anyone looking for a handmade piece of art. Check out the list of local artists and buy a loved one a handmade creation by a local artisan this Holiday season.