Keep it Cut Gives Back after the Certified Local Fall Festival

20151114_134145 In the week after the 11th Annual Certified Local Fall Festival, we have to say we had a lot of fun. Over 100 local businesses and restaurants came out to line the sides and center of Portland Parkway with great products, delicious food samples and general merriment.

One local business vendor was even providing haircuts that are a cut above the rest! Keep It Cut sipped away all day at their booth providing people with new hairdos, fresh shaves and confidence to strut their stuff into the Fall season.


Keep It Cut is unique because they are at the forefront of a grooming movement of Haircut Memberships. The two founders, Jacob and Josh, just wanted to keep their hair looking fresh, but couldn’t afford frequent cuts. This idea inspired the membership package (haircuts, washes, and grooming) services that all three Keep It Cut locations offer. Starting at $26 a month for unlimited haircuts, Keep It Cut invites you to become a regular and stay fresh.

Local First Arizona is so happy that Keep It Cut was able to be a part of the Certified Local Fall Festival. Josh and Jacob have been attending the Local First Fall Festival for years and when they started Keep It Cut, they knew we wanted to be a part of the festival.  "We are small and don't have a large advertising budget.  This was a great way to hit a very specific target audience of people that we felt would appreciate our business and could benefit from it," said Jacob about their booth experience at Fall Fest this year, "It went off just as hoped!  We had excellent exposure and hundreds of people come up to our booth and learn about our concept of the unlimited haircut memberships."

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At the end the day, Keep It Cut generously donated their proceeds back to our foundation to further our mission of statewide engagement with, empowerment of, and education about the benefits of local business.

"Local First is an advocate for our business; constantly out in the community educating about the importance of small business and the benefits of supporting us," said Jacob when asked why Keep It Cut chose to give back to Local First Arizona, "Its nice to have someone else focusing on the big picture and creating a culture around local businesses in the community which will lead to our success."

Keep It Cut makes it a priority give back to their community and we are so grateful to be a beneficiary of their work.

Thank you, Keep It Cut!